About Us

“Our Mission is to educate and inspire people to live
their full potential in health, wealth & happiness.”

Our goal is to empower people to identify and move beyond their current hidden obstacles that hold them back from reaching their full potential.

By utilizing the latest cutting-edge technologies, high-impact, breakthrough processes, our participants experience both immediate and long term changes that include greater clarity, joy, wealth, abundance, loving relationships & inner sense of peace.

TLC Inspires Worldwide coaching & training styles uses simple, yet powerful proven techniques to achieve deep level of transformation that guides you to achieving your new levels of leadership, communication and effectiveness.  This allows participants to learn faster, remember more easily and have fun while we bring about a renewed sense of clarity, insights and passion into their life.

That is because our coaches & trainers are so extraordinary, you are guaranteed to be completely satisfied.

What does TLC stand for?

Well we believe that one must continue to learn and grow to reach one’s potential and TLC was established in 2002 as as an educational organization that promotes business and personal development programs all over Asia, Asia Pacific, America and Europe.

TLC expanded rapidly and continues to inspire worldwide with successful entrepreneurs, trainers, speakers, authors and experts in their fields to the growing community where West meets East and East meets West, from the meta-physical to the physical and vice versa, from one language to another – living life without boundaries and the infinite possibilities that surrounds us.

We often support organizations to reach new heights, individuals in realizing their dreams and entrepreneurs who appreciates other like-minded business owners that mentors and guide them to the path of success and fulfillment. TLC Inspires Worldwide brings you the best experts to share with you the latest technologies, techniques, ideas, resources and information that equips you to this fast changing world, working together for a brighter tomorrow.

If you are looking for personal development, just getting started in business, or looking to take your organization to the next phase of growth, then you are in the right place…

Our promise

Our activities events are a reliable source of inspiration and meeting place for like-minded people… empowering you on your journey.

We look all over the world to identify powerful trainers, teachers & experts to share their ideas with our community. We connect and partner with leaders & teams worldwide to promote unique, memorable and phenomenal events and experiences with TLC Master Trainers that create an empowering impact on business, life and the world.

TLC Contribution

Each year, TLC Events raise funds for children’s charities providing our next generation the best opportunity to learn and grow including building a school in Tibet, children in India with Rising Star Outreach, and children in Thailand.

If you are ready to take your life to the next level,
mastering “The Secrets” of Success, we are ready for you!