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Who is Master Coach Heart?

Using the innovative coaching techniques Gregory “Ki Lin” Hart teaches, he was voted “One of Asia’s Top Ten Coaches” transforming all those who he coaches and inspires on a daily basis! He is well known for his unique ability to unleash one’s full potentiality and his profound simplicity, going right to the source of any challenge; allowing all that he comes across to have extraordinary breakthroughs and results over a very short period of time.

These days, most like to call Gregory “Ki Lin” Hart, “Master Coach Heart”, as he always empowers all he encounters with a heartfelt connection and inspired coaching that transforms their life forever.

Master Coach Heart is a world renowned Certified Master Coach and Master Trainer who has lived, worked and flourished from USA, UK, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Thailand, India, Australia, New Zealand and many more through his success journey in learning, growing and sharing his wisdom with thousands from a broad spectrum of society

Master Coach Heart’s high-energy, effective and lighthearted sense of humour with crystal clear focused intention has him speak and train for organizations like International Coaching Federation (ICF), Hong Kong International Coaching Community (HKICC), Asia Business Forum (ABF), Success Resources, Competitive Edge, XL Results Foundation, Hong Kong Polytechnic School of Design, and Mahidol University College of Management to name a few.

Whether it is improving your lifestyle, increasing your current level of success or simply being fulfilled in life Master Coach Heart is the coach and trainer for you.

Master Coach Heart’s passion in taking human potentiality to the next level of development; inspiring leaders to evolve with the times has him serve and inspire executives and teams of multinationals along with SME’s; for companies like NEC, Toshiba, SONY, Fujitsu, IBM, NIKE, ESPN China, UBS, AIA, Deutsche Bank, Standard Charter, Success Resources, XL Results Foundation, Peak Potentials and many more aligned with his visions.  He also enjoys empowering global minded entrepreneurs from around the world to effectively and strategically expand their businesses internationally, efficiently moving into responsible and sustainable globalization.

Being the founder and director of TLC Inspires Worldwide he now proudly offers Coach-the-Coach Certification Programs and Freedom To Success Programs internationally with a body of international coaches, facilitators and trainers committed to regional transformation, through greater awareness, personal responsibility and inspirational leadership.

Master Coach Heart is an internationally published columnist for Extraordinary Lives (XL) “Insights for Success” series, and Go Training (HR Development Magazine) published in Thailand on “The Secrets of Success” to name a few. He has been interviewed by The Asian Wall Street Journal, HK Magazine, South China Morning Post, SpaAsia Magazine, Escape Magazine and many other regional and international publications and media related programmes.

Master Coach Heart’s motto is “Clarity IS Power” and he is a strong believer of using intentionality and self-sustainability techniques to empower and transform lives in producing real world results.

To schedule Master Coach Heart for your events or trainings, please email  coach@tlcinspires.com today.